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I am unofficially following along a photography course that Ian is teaching. This exercise: photograph the books you are reading.  We’re currently in the habit of doing Compline (a lovely before bed prayer service from the Book of Common Prayer) with the kids each night. Here’s what we use for that:

Double & Rotation

Double & Rotation

Day 19 of Photo 101: Double & Rotation. Double can be interpreted in many ways; here are my two kids, each looking at their reflection (and each has a shadow in the background). The photo was actually taken by my husband, but I came across it and realized it was perfect for this theme. Here, … Continue reading

Birds and Bees

Birds and Bees

“I don’t know what to do about this.” “Sorry, what?” He looked up from his computer. “The situation with the kids? And that country song? Why can’t they just stick to lovesick crooning and runaway dogs and makin’ Momma proud?” I asked. “Uh…what seems to be the problem?” His computer was shut tight now, giving … Continue reading

Pick Me!

The eager cry of a child’s “Pick me!” has the power to stir anxiety as well as anticipation in the hearts of young and old alike. The scene that unfolded on the green hills at Plumfield a few weeks ago was no exception. The boy wiggled, his little body in constant motion. “Pick me! Pick … Continue reading


To linger over words is to linger over worlds. Sitting at the table, shafts of early sun across my back warm and drowsy, with lemon-lime seltzer bubbles performing circus-like tricks in my glass and a bowl of fresh nearby – homemade yogurt, berries of blue, purple red and pink, I linger over the morning paper. … Continue reading

Five p.m.

What effort, to transform the circadian lull of mid-afternoon into cascading moments of sweetness, delight for the soul and the senses. A gift I cannot give myself, but only receive. This oft dreaded witching hour, when empty bellies and foggy minds clamor for attention; when lunch is long past and dinner is a work in … Continue reading


Story is that the roads ’round these parts “developed” as a series of cowpaths (or possibly Native American foot paths).  Which goes a long way toward explaining why streets twist and turn, why street names change without warning (or signs), how you can be on “one road” for a mile and make 28 turns, and … Continue reading

That wasn’t as gross as I thought: Compost

I’ve been through a lot with compost and it all started in New York City. I’d been thinking quite a bit about composting, feeling enviro-guilt about tossing all my vegetable scraps, wanting “black gold” for my plants & gardening activities, mulling over ways to accomplish both goals. In a conversation with my mother-in-law, she mentioned … Continue reading