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This post is part of a series, February Beautiful; you can also see other posts with photos. 

Bit O’ Honey

Bit O’ Honey

I have this collection of “honey from around the world” on my countertop, and I enjoy these charming bottles lined in a row, nearly as much as their sweet taste. With the description of each cleverly marked and the colors ranged like the color wheel, light to dark, it’s a feast for the eyes as well … Continue reading



I am unofficially following along a photography course that Ian is teaching. This exercise: photograph what “Home” is to you.  We bought our house nearly two years ago, and here’s some of what home means to me. From the outside:   On the inside, there are usually flowers on the table and some kind of fruit piled high. … Continue reading


                                                      Five sentinels, lining the countertop in paper bag perfection, bearing and guarding proof of your devotion. Crimson petals peek from atop the brown handles, doubled to prevent driveway … Continue reading

Liquid summertime

In the waning afternoon, light and warmth fading, the fridge glowers. I glare back, grumbling, slightly crazed and facing down the dinner demon. Bleak sky, dull landscape creep in view from windows, the grime of several seasons layered thinly. The freezer mocks, possibilities for tomorrow none for tonight. To be transported from the gritty reality … Continue reading

Shrove Tuesday

The tapping whisk, splashing white and powder white into the blue ceramic. Grains of sweetness, oil slick off the metal, gifts which together form an offering. Batter on the griddle meets heat and is transformed. Receive goodness. Across the stovetop, another gift sizzles. Salty, crunchy, meaty, turned with tongs to crispy perfection. Our work together … Continue reading

That wasn’t as gross as I thought: Compost

I’ve been through a lot with compost and it all started in New York City. I’d been thinking quite a bit about composting, feeling enviro-guilt about tossing all my vegetable scraps, wanting “black gold” for my plants & gardening activities, mulling over ways to accomplish both goals. In a conversation with my mother-in-law, she mentioned … Continue reading

Shopping Salem

Local is the new organic. At least that’s what they tell me. I’ve been on this journey toward sustainability for a while now, moving toward making choices about food, shopping, lifestyle that have less of an impact on the environment.  Over Thanksgiving I was inspired by two online posts: Juniperks (a really awesome site whose … Continue reading

The Supermarket on Sunday

Today was a pretty restful day. We slept in a bit, had pancakes, watched a movie and somehow ended up doing a few errands around lunchtime. One of those was the grocery store. I knew it would be bad, but I had no idea how bad. The parking lot itself was nightmarish: a quagmire of … Continue reading