Day 15 of Photography 101: Landscape & Cropping Here are a few of the Florida landscapes that we’ve seen on vacation:

Edge & Alignment

Day 18 of Photography 101: Edge and Alignment Here is a dramatic Florida sky, underlined by the pool fence. I had to crop quite a bit and straighten the line created by the fence.

Scale & Observation

Day 14 of Photography 101: Scale and Observation I captured this cute guy at a retreat center I visited a few years ago. Here is a wider perspective:


Day 17 of Photography 101: Glass. See what interesting shots you can take involving glass. I took this shot over the weekend, from my mudroom looking outside.

Pop of Color

Day 11 of Photography 101: Pop of color. I really love the delicate lines of pink on the edge of this peony.

Bright light vs. night light

Our second weekend of Photography 101 was to take shots at different times of day and notice the differing quality of the light. I have many pictures of my deck/flowers/house in the bright light of the midday sun, and on a whim tonight went out just after twilight when the light was fading fast. Here … Continue reading